Recent Projects

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun…

Custom Woven Throw Blankets has the ability to turn your art into a beautifully woven throw or tapestry. Our throws are ideal for three or less colors, while our tapestries have the capability to use nearly endless color options. It can be as simple or complex as you would like. Check out this beautiful work of art turned into a throw!

Custom Woven Throw Blankets is your ideal source for custom logo throw blankets and throw tapestries. We will weave your logo or custom graphics directly into the blanket’s fabric — creating a luxurious, soft, long-lasting promotional product for you or your customers to enjoy. Custom Woven Throw Blankets is very proud to bring you the latest Jacquard terry weaving technology, which creates the highest quality woven logo products imaginable. We also take pride in striving to exceed our customer’s expectations — not only with our exceptional woven throw blankets and tapestries coupled with incredible customer service.

Our goal is simple — make you a delighted customer.